Wild in the 6 is a project featuring locals from this fantastic city we all call home! Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world and there’s always something and someone new to discover around every corner. Come explore with us as we meet new people following their passions and feature them on our blog!

Gregoriane Minot: Actress and Woman Extraordinaire


Hi everyone!  

Welcome to our first edition of Wild in the 6 for 2018!

We are excited to introduce Gregoriane Minot. Actress and cast member of the Toronto House Wives, dancer, Jewelry designer, and wife and mom to two beautiful children.  

We had such a wonderful time photographing and getting to know Grego on this shoot.  She is a beautiful spirit, with a kind soul and an enigmatic energy that immediately brings a smile to your face. Find out more about her in our Interview.

We hope you enjoy this post.   

Until next time… 


Hair & Makeup by the lovely and amazing Jessica Haisinger • http://www.jessicahaisinger.com/


Check out Grego’s socials

  Website: https://www.gregominot.com/



Maiko Watson: Singer | Songwriter


In this edition of Wild in the 6, we are so happy to introduce Toronto's very own Award winning, singer & songwriter Maiko Watson! This ethereal beauty was photographed at one of our favourite locations in the GTA, Woodbine Beach, and it was such a wonderful day photographing and being serenaded by Maiko. 

Hair & Makeup by the amazing Jessica Haisinger!

Check out Maiko's socials!
Website: www.maikowatson.com
Instagram: @maikowatson
Twitter: @maikowatson
Facebook: Maiko Watson
Soundcloud: Maiko Watson


Jasmine Merinsky : Hair & MakeUp Artist


Hey folks! We're so excited for this edition of Wild in the 6!

We'd like to introduce to you, Jasmine Merinsky, an amazing Toronto based hair & makeup artist!

We had such a blast photographing Jasmine around her eclectic neighbourhood of east downtown Toronto! Whether it was following her around with popsicles as she showed us about on her whimsical bike or entering into one of the hidden botanical gems of the city, the Allen Gardens, this lady has an absolute amazing spirit through it all and we'd love for all of you to get to know her like we did! Read on to find out what makes the magic tick behind the mind of this wonderful woman!

Follow her on all her socials:
Website: www.jmerinsky.com
Insta: @jasminemerinsky
Facebook: Jasmine Hayley Merinsky


Tanya Grossi : Owner of The Darling Mansion

Hello fellow Torontonians,

In this edition of Wild in the 6 we have Tanya Grossi, bad ass owner of the fantastical home, AirBnB and creative space The Darling Mansion! Take a look at the magic we created together in this collaboration and don’t forget to head on over to our blog to check out the behind the scenes video from our day by Neil Austen from Fly Home Freedom! Hair & Makeup by the amazing Jasmine Hayley Merinsky, check out everyone’s socials below!

Tanya Grossi
Website: AirBnB
Insta: @tvdgrossi @thedarlingmansion
Facebook: The Darling Mansion
Twitter: @tvdgrossi

Hair & Makeup by Jasmine Hayley Merinsky
Website: www.jmerinsky.com
Insta: @jasminemerinsky
Facebook: Jasmine Hayley Merinsky

BTS Videography and Assisting by Neil Austen
Website: www.flyhomefreedom.com
Insta: @flyhomefreedom
Twitter: @FlyHomeFreedom

Special Credits:
Designer: Evan Biddell 
Dress Rental Studio: Studio Fitzroy
Cheetah Artwork in Leopard Room: Jerry Rugg



Jessica Haisinger : Hair & Make Up Artist


Hey everyone!

We're very excited for this edition of Wild in the 6 featuring Hair & Make Up extraordinaire Jessica Haisinger who was not only gorgeous but an absolute amazing human being to work with and photograph. Enjoy the beautiful images that we captured of her and read about what makes her tick in this great city we all call home. If you're drooling over the dresses the same way we did, it's all care of brilliant stylist Afiya Francisco.

Follow both these wonderful women on their social networks below!

Jessica Haisinger
Website: www.jessicahaisinger.com
Insta: @jesshaisingermu
Twitter: @JessHaisinger

Afiya Fransisco
Website: www.thestylehouse.ca
Insta: @thestylehouse
Fb: Afiya Fransisco
Twitter: @TheStyleHouse




Madelaine Rumball: Motion Designer & Video Editor

A super talented Video Editor/ Motion Graphic Designer who made Toronto home in 2013.  Madelaine was so open to collaborating with us, and we had the pleasure of photographing and interviewing her for our first Wild in the 6 blog post!  Read on friends…


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

That is always evolving and changing. Technology in this field is moving forward so quickly and always forcing you to learn, change and adapt. Sometimes that means looking to the past for old methods that can be mashed with something new. Sometimes it’s looking towards the future i.e.development in VR & augmented reality & the advertising shift to the digital space. Digital media is such an enormously vast space its almost incomprehensible, and it creates so many opportunities for collaboration with so many different facets of design and media.. it is becoming a limitless form of storytelling.

Are you currently working on a personal art project?

I am in the process of starting my garden if that counts! To be honest I have absolutely no idea what I am doing but I think it will be a great creative challenge for me over the summer to work on my art direction skills.

A website and/or blog you visit often?

motionographer, ffffound, art of the title, groupon getaways..

Favourite thing/place in Toronto?

These are all going to be food related…Sweet Jesus, La Carnita & Khao San Road (you couldn’t find better thai food in Thailand ..for real..)

First thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Go on a vacation…for the rest of my life…

Our readers can find out more about you:

Website: www.madelainerumball.com

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/madelainerumball

The Wild Ones. 

So here’s to all of you getting to know a little more about the women behind the creative,

welcome to the HAUS!


I’ll start with introducing myself, my name is Yasmine Najib and I am the creative director and founder over here at Haus Wild. The company is the culmination of so many of my dreams and goals coming together at the perfect time in my life. Let me begin with a little bit of who I am and where I come from.

I had what you would call a modern day nomadic upbringing. Born to an Iraqi father and an Indian mother, I grew up in India, the Philippines and Dubai, U.A.E. In 2009, I moved to Vancouver, B,C. and after spending 3 years in the beautiful west coast I decided that the urban lifestyle of Toronto was where I needed to be and so decision made, permanent residency in hand and a fluffy cat in tow...I arrived in the six and just like that the perfect match between human and city was made.

For the longest time I felt like I was creating a tool belt of some sorts when it came to skills and experiences, I graduated with a bachelors degree in Communications and Media, and went on to get diplomas in Photography and Graphic Design before settling into a job in an agency here in Toronto. After some time reevaluating life, I left my job and began to figure out how to best combine everything I love into a viable venture that would grow to eventually become what is now HAUS WILD!

Bringing Martina and Reem onboard was a decision that honestly took me about less than 5 seconds to make, outside of the fact that we are incredibly good friends, they are absolutely brilliant at what they do, not to mention humble, hardworking and most importantly, good hearted human beings. They bring a perspective to this industry that is as unique as the girls themselves and I knew that they would keep pushing boundaries and never settle for the norm.

I have always wanted a company and brand that defies the regular stereotypes of the fashion and advertising industry, we want to build an empire based on passion, idealism, innovation, and kindness. There is so much going on in the world and it’s not enough to just create amazing visuals, there should be a purpose to all that you do at the end of the day and we hope to someday be in a position where we can be a catalyst for change. Haus Wild is our dream turning into reality and we can't wait for the journey ahead!

Aaaand enough about me know, let’s get to know my wonderful directors of photography: MARTINA + REEM!

Y: Hello ladies! Welcome to the 6! How has your first year here been treating you?

M+R: We are very excited to be here! Arriving here in the winter was quite challenging coming from the mild West Coast, but the summer is incredible here. The more we get the explore and experience this vibrant city, the more we fall in love with it. Toronto offers such a variety of everything, including the most wonderful and eclectic people which are shaping this city in the most unique way. You can feel the good energy. We are thrilled to be part of this great community.

Y: What are your fave spots in the 6 so far?

M+R: We spend a LOT of time on the Island. It’s such a peaceful retreat just a short ferry ride away from downtown. In the summer, you will most likely find us at the beach. There are really cool places to grab a drink or hang out in the city. Cafe Figo is a great spot for a campari orange on those hot summer nights.  The Gladstone is a funky place we love to visit.

Y: Can you tell us a bit about your backgrounds?

R: I am Palestinian Canadian. I moved to Canada from Amman, Jordan when I was young. I lived in Edmonton, AB until my early twenties before moving California and then Washington D.C. I found myself back in Canada in 2009 when I decided to attend Art School at The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, and that is where the three of us first met. I lived in Vancouver for 6 years running a photography business with Martina and working in the Photography industry and as a Studio Manager at Vanarts, a time I really cherish in my life, before making the move to Toronto. I sometimes feel like a nomad..constantly on the move. However, travelling and living in so many places has opened my eyes to how little I know and how much more I want to learn about the world, people, cultures and places.  

M: I was born and raised in a small town in the Austrian Alps and I moved all over Austria until I realized that the world has more to offer and went off on my journey. I attended art school while in Austria and had the great opportunity of working as a photographer’s assistant to award winning photographer Mario Rabensteiner before I made the move to Canada and met these two beautiful ladies in photography school in Vancouver about 7 years ago. Reem and I decided to start a business together shortly after we finished school and the rest is history! I travel a lot and have lived in several different places - that is something that we all share and that bonds us together I feel.

Y: What made you guys decide to team up with me and form Haus Wild?

M+R: We loved doing photography but have always wanted to add a more graphic element to our work. We wanted to bring our strengths together to create work that is of high calibre utilizing an additional medium.

Y: Finally where do you see HAUS WILD in 10 years?

M+R: A creative Empire - a collaborative empire of visual artists.


There you have it, the minds behind Haus Wild and what makes us tick! I hope this has allowed you to get to know us a little bit more and we look forward to the future with all of you and remember STAY WILD!

Yasmine, Martina and Reem