The Wild Card 


Welcome to the The Wild Card Project! The first of many creative experiments we at Haus Wild are looking forward to sharing with you all. This is our portal to the realm of everything that is experimental and wild! So many times art is restricted through guidelines and set parameters, The Wild Card Project aims to do the exact opposite, virtually creating an art board with no limits. Stay tuned for all the art and come fall down the rabbit hole with us!


Glass Memories

This batch of images for the Wild Card project is called "Glass Memories" and it all started with attending Wayhome, a music festival, that if you live in Toronto or the surrounding area, you are absolutely familiar with. While enjoying the music, sun and the grounds, we happened across an odd piece of glass and of course being us it went straight in front of the lens to experiment! We brought it back to the city and the rest you can see for yourself above!

A series in which glass is used in front of the lens at different angles to incorporate reflections, double exposure and colour into everyday photographs. So next time you see a unique piece of see through material, we highly recommend experimenting and having a ton of fun with it!

Produce Patterns

This series entitled "Produce Patterns" started off with a faux trip back to art class in kindergarten! We grabbed a whole bunch of produce from our weekly fruit and vegetable baskets from one of Toronto's locally sourced food delivery service, Mama Earth, a lot of watercolour paints, brushes, palettes and the one thing we couldn't have as a kid, A BOTTLE OF WINE for further inspiration!

What ensued was a whole lot of mayhem, laughter, art and ruined shirts but it resulted in the amazing prints you see up top! Some of the produce we used were shallots, brussel sprouts, celery sticks, oranges, etc. but you can literally use any product to create your own pattern! Check out our blog to see the step by step process we went through and look below to see some of the ways we used the prints in the real world!


This series is entitled "Quintessence" and it all started off with an accidental disaster that turned into the art you see now.

The story starts off with a plastic bin of delicious fruits and vegetables that were delivered to us by our favourite local food delivery company Mama Earth, which we unknowingly set on a warm electric stove after offloading all the produce. Within a few minutes we encountered what we all know as the wonderful smell of burning plastic and the inevitable face palm that followed our actions promptly thereafter. Once the stove had cooled down we were fascinated to see what was left behind, the melted plastic somehow remind us of preserved fossils or creatures you would see through the lens of a microscope. So of course we had to put them on a lamp (who needs a light table?) and photograph it, the results are the images above!

Crazy how that came out of a fruit and vegetable bin! You never know how beautiful things can come out of pre judged disasters, there's a lesson in there somewhere if I've ever heard of one. Being as we can never sit still we decided to take it one step further and play around in photoshop resulting in the following artwork:

Fractal Life

This series was actually inspired by an activity that’s always the highlight of a lot of people’s summer, music festivals! It was at one where we got introduced to diffraction glasses and let me tell you, when you put them on in front of a light show it’s equivalent to fireworks exploding inside a kaleidoscope!

After experiencing the magic through the lenses, we had to get a pair and decided it would be a perfect time to experiment for the Wild Card project.

It was such a fun process discovering shapes, colours, patterns and even creatures! We started with finding a lot of cool videos online of laser light shows and crazy coloured visuals and waiting for night time to fall. We then set up the camera on a tripod in front of the screen and shut off all the lights, we took the diffraction glasses and placed it in front of the camera lens and started shooting. The images in itself were quite interesting, but we then started the process of layering a couple of them with different blend modes, the result of which are the first two images! The latter two are where we went down the digital rabbit hole so to speak. We decided to take the process a few steps further by mirroring the art piece and when we mirrored the left side of the base image it resulted in a creature that looks like a video game character whereas mirroring the right side resulted in a minotaur looking creature about to head to Coachella with a flower head piece! It was such a fun evening trying out the different techniques and seeing the results.

Cosmic Osmosis


Remember those fun science experiments we did in elementary school?  This experiment is very reminiscent of that and it involved some milk, food colouring and dish soap to create some swirly abstract photographs.

Here’s what you’ll need if you feel like playing around yourself!


2% milk (Lactose Free milk does not work as well)


Food colouring (red, blue, green, yellow)

Dish-washing soap



After taking a few images showcasing the colourful abstract results of combining the above ingredients, we added some light from below to give the colours a glowing effect. We then used a kaleidoscope in a few tests but it wasn’t as effective as we had hoped, so we started thinking of other ideas to add. Next we incorporated a star projector to light the swirls of colours from below to create a cosmic explosion! 


Scan Art


We have always found the scanner quite intriguing ... A moving lightsaber that magically appears and duplicates all this information to a computer or printer... now that’s pretty cool!

We placed all sorts of different objects like scarves, jewelry, handbags, feathers, basically anything and everything that caught our eye! If it was visually appealing in its shape or structure, it found its way onto the glass plate. During the scanning process we combined different techniques like light painting to create a more obscure look.

To take it one step further we printed some images, and after some retouching we scanned them again with other objects. It was definitely an infinite playground of creative explosions. Check out the results!