Led by 3 women hailing from different walks of life, 
Haus Wild is a coming together of skill, passion and the belief that the true collaboration with clients and fellow creatives is the bridge between advertising and art.
We believe in creating arresting pieces of visual output to suit every parameter of our clients advertising and marketing needs. 
You are as unique as your brand, let us help you visually stake your mark in the world.

               Yasmine Najib             

Creative Director & Founder

Yasmine has spent the last 6 years honing her skills in photography, writing, graphic & visual design, and art direction. Travelling and having worked in Vancouver, Toronto, Manila and Dubai, she brings her international outlook into every endeavour and has a knack for seeing the big picture in every project. 



Directors of Photography

MARTINA+REEM are an established award winning photography duo who started out specializing in fashion, portraiture and fine art photography. Traveling and working extensively in Europe, North America and the Middle East, they currently have their own clothing label and gallery representation for their Fine Art work.   MARTINA+REEM We love Photography