Personalized Books

We here at Haus Wild love digital but we love print almost as much if not slightly more. There’s just something about touching a physical product that just makes the experience so much better. In line with that, we offer services in creating high end coffee table books that you, your loved ones, your business or your clients will appreciate for years to come. Whether it’s capturing your home and the people in it, your place of business and the services you offer, or even just introducing a new line of products, we make sure to deliver the highest standard or content and layout. 



Coffee table books are as varied as they are beautiful! From the initial consultation, to the content and the printing execution we cater the book to your personality and style. We create glamour books for fashion & beauty bloggers, model portfolios, product lookbooks and for anyone who just wants to show off a certain aspect of their life whether it's your new wardrobe collection or your dream home that just got renovated!

Architecture / Home / Living 

Architecture & Lifestyle books are great for private and commercial clients. It's a beautiful way to capture memories in your home or if you're a business that deals in real estate or interior design, to show your clients a portfolio of your best work. 


Flipping through the pages of your personalized photo book offers a tangible value that far surpasses the swiping of an iPad or clicking through your browser. Preserve your memories and projects through print not pixels!

Personalized Brand Books

If you are a person or company that has a curated amount of visuals or products, these books are for you! Are you a fashion blogger? Create a book of all your OOTD's that year showcasing your fabulous style through the seasons! A franchise entrepreneur in the entertainment and dining industry? Let us create a book for each of your venues showcasing your chef's scrumptious menu or the dizzying light installations of your bar! A cafe that does latte art? We can make a flip book of your process for your customers to be entertained while waiting for their brew. Whatever it is that you do, let us show you off in the best light possible!