Art of Word - Ornate -

Hey guys! Can anyone say Snowed in Sundays?

Toronto is basically one massive snow globe at the moment and we hope that everyone is safe and sound indoors! While you're staying in and inbetween netflix episodes, check out the latest Art of Word based on the word "Ornate". We hope you enjoy!

Here's to dreams of patio season!

The Wild Ones

Jess in the HAUS Part I - Meghan H., Teagan V. and Amy P.

Meghan Heffern, Teagan Vincze, and Amy Patel
for Haus Wild and Jessica Haisinger

Hello everyone and welcome to a very exciting blog post introducing our ongoing collaboration with amazing hair and make up artist Jessica Haisinger!

First and foremost, if you haven't seen our Wild in the 6 feature of Jessica then you are clearly missing out, check it out here to see some amazing images and find out what makes her tick! 
Jessica's Wild in the 6 feature!

Jessica approached us after we had a blast shooting her for Wild in the 6 about collaborating on a project that involved a quick series of portraits of interesting, fabulous people here in Toronto with her at the helm for hair and make up and of course we were on board with the idea!

First off we have beautiful actresses Meghan Heffern, Teagan Vincze and fantastic stylist Amy Patel featured here in our first batch! All these ladies were stunning and such a delight to photograph not to mention just the nicest women and all killing it in their respective fields here in Toronto and around the globe! 

Check out their socials below:

Meghan Heffern
Twitter: @meghanheffern
Instagram: @megsieheff
IMDb: Meghan Heffern

Teagan Vincze
Twitter: @Teashen
Instagram: @teashen
IMDb: Teagan Vincze

Amy Patel
Twitter: @therealamypatel
Instagram: @lesbest

Here are the rest of the portraits of these lovely ladies for you to enjoy and Haus Wild along with Jessica Haisinger Artistry can't wait to show you who comes next!


Art of Word - Neverland -

Happy Sunday everyone!

With the temperatures taking a turn for the cold and staying in seeming more and more enticing, we decided to escape into our art with this week's word being "Neverland". We hope it takes you to a place far far away where the madness of the world and the cold can't reach. 

Till next week, stay warm!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Light -

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and are all geared up for another work week. This week's Art of Word is inspired by the word "Light" and is also the last in the blue colour palette of this series. We hope you've been enjoying the colour transitions as much as we have!

Can you guess what's coming up next week?


The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Key -

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday, we're already halfway of January of 2017! What kind of twilight zone have we entered that I can type down 2017 as the current year?! We hope everyone's been taking advantage of all of the extra positivity that comes with the fresh start a new year brings, we definitely have and have so much coming up to show you guys!

Here's this weeks Art of Word based on the word "Key", we hope you enjoy and see you next week!


The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Isolate -

Hello everyone and HAPPY 2017!

Aren't you glad the madness of last year is over? I know we are definitely excited for the new year and for all the great projects to come! With 2017 comes a new colour palette for Art of Word going into the icy blues and whites, reflective once again of the season! 

This week's word is "Isolate", we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Till new week when we're back to the regular Sunday programming!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Harmony -

Hey everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

What a treat to have Christmas on an actual Sunday for all the normal reasons plus the fact that we can gift you all with an Art of Word piece! This week it's based off of the word "Harmony" and we hope it bring you some calm and serenity before the madness of next year starts. So enjoy the day, enjoy your loved ones and enjoy all the food!

Salut from the Wild Ones! 

Merry Christmas Toronto (and the rest of the world!)

It's only one of our all time favourite holidays of the year! Merry Christmas everyone!! We hope everyone is with their loved ones and enjoying the gluttony of the holiday season, pour a little extra rum into that eggnog (we won't tell!) 

While we are all in different areas for the holiday season, our love for all things warm, fuzzy and magical (not to mention facetime and skype) will always bring us and everyone else together!

So from our families and friends to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! May you enter into the best food coma of the season with a smile on your face and a santa hat on your head!

Lots of love,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Geometric -

Hello Frozen Toronto!

It's Art of Word Sunday and the word is "Geometric"! I love that the colour tones match up with the snowy weather, don't you?

We hope you enjoy and look forward to next week's "Harmony" on Christmas Day! How did we get here so quick?? Anyone? Madness we tell you!

Till next time,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word : ASHE Edition

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a chance to check out the rest of the series on electronic music producer ASHE over at our photography page. We were so inspired by working with him and his music that we extended the project by two pieces! One in conjunction with our Art of Word Sunday series where we each do an art piece with only one common element (in this case, a portrait of ASHE) and one in the mood of our Wild in the 6 projects where we just let our imagination take reign over everything!

We love having an overflow of inspiration on projects and we hope you enjoy the results as much as we do!

Stay warm Toronto,

The Wild Ones

Haus Wild presents - ASHE -

Hey everyone! We'd like to introduce electronic music producer ASHE! We had a great time photographing him for a portrait session and he loved the results as much as we did, not to mention having his amazing tracks playing in the background as we shot!

Follow his musical journey through the following socials:


Till next time, The Wild Ones


Art of Word - Fire -

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's the first snowfall of the season! Everything seems so cozy and festive and we hope everyone is staying warm. This week's Art of Word should warm you up as it's based on the word "Fire"!

Enjoy all that comes with the season, we sure are! Apple ciders, warm woollen socks and Christmas music is already ongoing over here at the Haus!

Till next week,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word ~ Electric ~

Hey everyone, happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is snuggled up and warm! If you've noticed we're still on the black and white train, we liked it so much we decided to sort of extend it by fading the black away until we reach pure white by the end of the month. It's going to be a challenge to create art without any colour and just rely on the different textures but we're excited to see where it leads us!

Till next week,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word ~ Dissect ~

Happy Sunday folks!

This week's Art of Word is based on the word "Dissect" and is the last installation of our black and white palette! Next week we take on the challenge of a stark white palette that may have other light tones, I'm just as curious as you guys to see what happens!

Also has anyone checked out the madness that is the massive Christmas tree at Nathan Philipps Square? 'Tis the season indeed.

Have a great week everyone and see you same time next week!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word ~ Chemical ~

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday and we hope you all are staying warm with the turn of the weather today. Toronto has officially welcomed winter and it's definitely making itself known! This week's word is "Chemical" and we hope you like
the outcome as much as we did, we're almost done with the month of black and white.

Stay tuned for the last one in this colour palette next week!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word ~ Black Hole ~


Hey everyone! Happy Sunday once again, hope all of you are enjoying the crisp fall weather and keeping warm with some apple cider (clearly what we're doing over at the Haus!) Continuing with set 2 of Art of Word, this week we bring you a piece based on the word "Blackhole", we love that this word and the black and white palette coincided with each other! Goes to show you never know what each week will bring!

Stay tuned for next week's installation and so much more!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word ~ Aerial ~

Happy Sunday everyone! This week's post is an ultra special, unicorn filled magical one! 

A few things have changed over here at the Haus, for those of you that have been following us for awhile (we love you!) will notice that the entire site has gone through a revamp. We have so much new content and services for you and we highly encourage checking out the new site and falling down the rabbit hole with us!

In other news, we are officially starting the second set of alphabets for Art of Word with the word "Aerial", we're halfway through our yearlong in-house art project and it's the first ever black and white image we have on the series!

We hope you enjoy all of the new nooks and crannies of our Haus as much as we do and we have so much more coming up to show you guys soon so stay tuned and stay wild!

The Wild Ones

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