Jess in the HAUS Part IV - Maiko Watson

Hey everybody, it's been a minute! Hope everyone is enjoying this weird summer Toronto seems to be having! 

We're excited today for part IV of ongoing series "Jess in the Haus" with fabulous hair and makeup artist Jessica Haisinger featuring the ethereally amazing, Toronto's very own Award winning, singer & songwriter Maiko Watson! She graciously serenaded us at the shoot in a video clip you need to head on over to our Instagram page to check out, we pretty much forgot what human bodily functions were at that moment!

Go check out all of Miss Maiko's socials below and if you can you must watch her live, your ears will graciously thank you for it!

Maiko Watson
Instagram: @maikowatson
Twitter: @maikowatson
Facebook: Maiko Watson
Soundcloud: Maiko Watson

We hope you enjoy the portraits of Maiko as much as we do, as she was an infinite joy to photograph!
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Cheers from,

The Wild Ones