The Wild Card Project - Quintessence

Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new entry into The Wild Card Project! This series is entitled "Quintessence" and it all started off with an accidental disaster that turned into the art you see today, read on to find out what happened!

The story starts off with a plastic bin of delicious fruits and vegetables that were delivered to us by our favourite local food delivery company Mama Earth, which we unknowingly set on a warm electric stove after offloading all the produce. Within a few minutes we encountered what we all know as the wonderful smell of burning plastic and the inevitable face palm that followed our actions promptly thereafter. 

This was what happened to the poor unfortunate bin:


Once the stove had cooled down we were fascinated to see what was left behind, the melted plastic somehow remind us of preserved fossils or creatures you would see through the lens of a microscope. So of course we had to put them on a lamp (who needs a light table?) and photograph it, the following are some of the images we captured!

Crazy how that came out of a fruit and vegetable bin! You never know how beautiful things can come out of pre judged disasters, there's a lesson in there somewhere if I've ever heard of one. Being as we can never sit still we decided to take it one step further and play around in photoshop resulting in the following artwork:

We hope you enjoyed this installation of The Wild Card Project, check out our other experiments HERE! Till the next one!

The Wild Ones