Jess in the HAUS Part I - Meghan H., Teagan V. and Amy P.

Meghan Heffern, Teagan Vincze, and Amy Patel
for Haus Wild and Jessica Haisinger

Hello everyone and welcome to a very exciting blog post introducing our ongoing collaboration with amazing hair and make up artist Jessica Haisinger!

First and foremost, if you haven't seen our Wild in the 6 feature of Jessica then you are clearly missing out, check it out here to see some amazing images and find out what makes her tick! 
Jessica's Wild in the 6 feature!

Jessica approached us after we had a blast shooting her for Wild in the 6 about collaborating on a project that involved a quick series of portraits of interesting, fabulous people here in Toronto with her at the helm for hair and make up and of course we were on board with the idea!

First off we have beautiful actresses Meghan Heffern, Teagan Vincze and fantastic stylist Amy Patel featured here in our first batch! All these ladies were stunning and such a delight to photograph not to mention just the nicest women and all killing it in their respective fields here in Toronto and around the globe! 

Check out their socials below:

Meghan Heffern
Twitter: @meghanheffern
Instagram: @megsieheff
IMDb: Meghan Heffern

Teagan Vincze
Twitter: @Teashen
Instagram: @teashen
IMDb: Teagan Vincze

Amy Patel
Twitter: @therealamypatel
Instagram: @lesbest

Here are the rest of the portraits of these lovely ladies for you to enjoy and Haus Wild along with Jessica Haisinger Artistry can't wait to show you who comes next!