Art of Word ~ Zodiac ~

Hi everyone and happy Halloween weekend! 

Today’s Art of Word is special because we are at the halfway mark! That’s 6 months in and a whole set of alphabets done, with today’s “ZODIAC” finishing it up for us for set 1.

We can’t believe how fast time has flown by! Just to give everyone a refresher, this project is created by 3 girls who, every week create one art piece each going only off of a set colour palette and the word of the week, we then show them to each other at the end of the week for the big reveal and put them together. We go alphabetically in terms of word selection and the project in its entirety will contain 2 complete sets of the alphabet.

Next week we will be back at “A” and you guys will notice a subtle shift in theme, we are excited to see what comes out of this new set of words and we hope you enjoy the journey along side us!

Till next Sunday!

The Wild Ones