Wild in the 6 presents Gregoriane Minot

Hi everyone!  

Welcome to our first edition of Wild in the 6 for 2018!

We are excited to introduce Gregorian Minot. Actress and cast member of the Toronto House Wives, dancer, Jewelry designer, and wife and mom to two beautiful children.  

Find out more about her in our Interview



Hair & Makeup by the lovely and amazing Jessica Haisinger



Check out Grego’s socials

  Website: https://www.gregominot.com/


Jess in the HAUS Part IV - Maiko Watson

Hey everybody, it's been a minute! Hope everyone is enjoying this weird summer Toronto seems to be having! 

We're excited today for part IV of ongoing series "Jess in the Haus" with fabulous hair and makeup artist Jessica Haisinger featuring the ethereally amazing, Toronto's very own Award winning, singer & songwriter Maiko Watson! She graciously serenaded us at the shoot in a video clip you need to head on over to our Instagram page to check out, we pretty much forgot what human bodily functions were at that moment!

Go check out all of Miss Maiko's socials below and if you can you must watch her live, your ears will graciously thank you for it!

Maiko Watson
Website: www.maikowatson.com
Instagram: @maikowatson
Twitter: @maikowatson
Facebook: Maiko Watson
Soundcloud: Maiko Watson

We hope you enjoy the portraits of Maiko as much as we do, as she was an infinite joy to photograph!
Check out more of this series and others on our PHOTOGRAPHY page!

Cheers from,

The Wild Ones

Branding by Haus Wild - ASHE -

Hey everyone, it's been a minute!
Happy summer of 2017 and we hope everyone's keeping cool and enjoying patio season!

Here is our latest branding project for electronic music producer ASHE, who you might remember from some awesome portraits we took of him last year, which you can find on our photography page! This time around we worked on the graphic design aspect of his brand creating both a logo type and mark for him taking into account his minimalistic, stark, alien-esque style of aesthetic. 

Check out ASHE and his amazing sounds over at:


P.S. 100 points to Slytherin if you can guess the hidden message in the logo mark!

The Wild Card Project - Produce Patterns

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new series in "The Wild Card Project" entitled "Produce Patterns"!

For this series we grabbed a whole bunch of produce from our weekly fruit and vegetable baskets from one of Toronto's locally sourced food delivery service, Mama Earth, a lot of watercolour paints, brushes, palettes and the one thing we couldn't have as a kid, A BOTTLE OF WINE for further inspiration! What ensued was a whole lot of mayhem, laughter, art and ruined shirts but it resulted in the amazing prints you see up top! 

Check out our step by step guide below and go create your own patterns!


Art of Word - "ZOOM" : The Finale

Hey everyone!

It's a bittersweet post for us today seeing as we have come to the end of an era, it is the final Art of Word Sunday! We can't wrap our heads around the fact that it's been a full year since we started this journey with all of you, our Sunday's will definitely be a little less creative (till the next project seeing as we are incapable of sitting still) from now on. For those of you who appreciate statistics that's 52 weeks with 3 art pieces every week resulting in a whopping 156 works of art individually!

As a recap, here are the project scopes:
3 girls.
1 word per week as the inspiration for the art.
A predetermined colour palette.
The square format.
We reveal the result to each other at the end of the week.

To relive a year full of art, passion and inspiration head on over to our Art of Word page where you can see the entire timeline of the project!

It's like saying goodbye to a dear old friend that has been a constant by our side for so long but we do so knowing how much we have enjoyed not only the results but most especially the process! We hope you have enjoyed the ride along with us as much as we have and we thank all of you for supporting us!

Au revoir and thank you "Art of Word".

The Wild Ones

Wild in the 6 presents Tanya Grossi & The Darling Mansion

Here's a behind the scenes look into our shoot, shot by Neil Austen of FlyHomeFreedom Productions. 

Hello everyone!


Our Wild in the 6 project, where we photograph and interview fellow residents of this fantastic city we all call home, just got a little more seductive and bad ass! All due to a woman named Tanya Grossi, who is is the owner and creator of The Darling Mansion, a fantastical home, AirB&B and creative space.

From the outside, you wouldn't be able to tell that this home nestled within the core of Toronto's west end neighbourhood, hides so much magic, mystery and intrigue. Come fall into the rabbit hole with us as we take you through the epic tale of Tanya and her mansion. Head on over to our WILD IN THE 6 page for our interview with the lady at the helm of the house!

Tanya Grossi
Website: AirBnB
Insta: @tvdgrossi @thedarlingmansion
Facebook: The Darling Mansion
Twitter: @tvdgrossi

Hair & Makeup by Jasmine Hayley Merinsky
Website: www.jmerinsky.com
Insta: @jasminemerinsky
Facebook: Jasmine Hayley Merinsky

BTS Videography and Assisting by Neil Austen
Website: www.flyhomefreedom.com
Insta: @flyhomefreedom
Twitter: @FlyHomeFreedom

Special Credits:
Designer: Evan Biddell
Dress Rental Studio: Studio Fitzroy
Cheetah Artwork in Leopard Room: Jerry Rugg

Art of Word - YOUTH -

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

The sun is out and one can only hope that Summer is finally making it's way slowly into the city! Now here's a little tidbit that blew our minds, next week is the last Art of Word, WHAT?? When did a whole year go by? We're still baffled but we hope you've enjoyed the ride with us as much as we have! 

This week's piece is based on a word that we feel everyone tries to hold on to for as long as possible and what we've come to learn is really just a state of mind, here is "Youth".

Till next week,

The Wild Ones

Jess in the HAUS Part III - Michelle J. & Andrea D.

Hello everyone! Welcome to part III of our ongoing series "Jess in the Haus" with hair and makeup artist Jessica Haisinger where we take quick photographs of wonderful people in our home city of Toronto!

This session we would like to introduce 2 more fabulous women to you, the multitalented TV host, writer, and fitness professional Michelle Jobin and glamorous actress Andrea Drepaul! These women are beautiful inside and out and really embody the tenacity, ambition and drive of a modern day woman! It was such a pleasure to work with them, please check out all of their socials below to see all of the great things these women are up to!

Michelle Jobin
Website: www.michellejobin.com
Instagram: @michelle.jobin
Twitter: @michellejobin
Facebook: Michelle Jobin

Andrea Drepaul
IMDb: Andrea Drepaul
Instagram: @andreadrepaul
Twitter: @AndreaDrepaul

Here are all the fantastic images from our day with these lovely ladies! Enjoy and check out more of this series and more on our PHOTOGRAPHY page!

Till next time,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Wild -

Happy Sunday everyone!!

We are so excited today for many reasons, one being that the weather is finally cooperating with the winds of Spring and another being that we are on our final month of Art of Word! Can you believe it's been almost a year? Time flies by so quickly in this day and age, so take a moment to appreciate life and enjoy some art! We were particularly anticipating the last month because we wanted to have a free for all in terms of a colour palette for the last month and coincidentally it starts with the word WILD! How perfect is that?

So soak in some sun today, have a glass of sangria and enjoy some Art of Word from our Haus to yours! Cheers!

Till next time,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Vibrant -

Happy Sunday everyone! Some exciting Art of Word new for all of you, we are reaching the final month! Can you believe it? And with that declaration here is the last piece with a predetermined colour palette based on the word "Vibrant".

Stay tuned for next week when we go into the last month of the series with an unlimited colour palette! So excited for art with no limits!

Till then,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Utopia -

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday to all!

Here's this week's installation of Art of Word based on "Utopia", as you can tell we're almost nearing the finish line on this project and we can't wait for you guys to see the last month's madness especially with colour!

For now we hope you enjoy this week's Utopian dream from our Haus to yours, till next week!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Texture -

Hey everyone, happy Sunday!

It's such a beautiful day out, almost makes us think that Spring is finally making an appearance but we know better than to trust Toronto weather, we wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow a snow storm came hurling back in! But hey, let's try to be positive and not jinx such things. As you've noticed, we've entered into a new colour palette that is bright and will hopefully coerce some warmth out, this week's piece is based on the word "Texture".

We hope you enjoy our weekly Art of Word and your day, till next time!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Shiver -

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! 

This week's piece is based on the word "Shiver" and it's also the last of this colour palette. Next week we move on to a classic blue and yellow colour combination, so excited to see how that turns out and share it with all of you!

Stay warm Toronto! Only a little more till beautiful Spring in the city!


The Wild Ones

Jess in the HAUS Part II - Melanie L. & Meghan Y. Y.

Melanie Leishman, Jessica Haisinger and Meghan Yuri Young for Haus WIld

Melanie Leishman, Jessica Haisinger and Meghan Yuri Young for Haus WIld

Hey everyone!

We're excited to show you part 2 of (we're not counting!) our ongoing series "Jess in the Haus" with quick portraits of beautiful ladies around Toronto with hair and makeup done artist, the wonderful Jessica Haisinger! In this edition we have actress Melanie Leishman and blogger Meghan Yuri Young who were both spectacular to photograph and be around. Have a look at all these gorgeous images of the ladies and check out their socials down below too!

Melanie Leishman
Instagram: @melanie_leishman
IMDb: Melanie Leishman

Meghan Yuri Young
Website: www.meghanyoung.ca
Twitter: @MeghanYuriYoung
Instagram: @meghanyuriyoung
Facebook: Meghan Yuri Young

The Wild Card Project - Quintessence

Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new entry into The Wild Card Project! This series is entitled "Quintessence" and it all started off with an accidental disaster that turned into the art you see today, read on to find out what happened!

The story starts off with a plastic bin of delicious fruits and vegetables that were delivered to us by our favourite local food delivery company Mama Earth, which we unknowingly set on a warm electric stove after offloading all the produce. Within a few minutes we encountered what we all know as the wonderful smell of burning plastic and the inevitable face palm that followed our actions promptly thereafter. 

This was what happened to the poor unfortunate bin:


Once the stove had cooled down we were fascinated to see what was left behind, the melted plastic somehow remind us of preserved fossils or creatures you would see through the lens of a microscope. So of course we had to put them on a lamp (who needs a light table?) and photograph it, the following are some of the images we captured!

Crazy how that came out of a fruit and vegetable bin! You never know how beautiful things can come out of pre judged disasters, there's a lesson in there somewhere if I've ever heard of one. Being as we can never sit still we decided to take it one step further and play around in photoshop resulting in the following artwork:

We hope you enjoyed this installation of The Wild Card Project, check out our other experiments HERE! Till the next one!

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Quadrant -

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope everyone has had a great week enjoying the bit of surprise spring weather we got here in Toronto, we can't wait till it actually arrives!

This week's Art of Word is based on the word "Quadrant", we hope you enjoy! Were so close to the end and can't believe it's almost been an entire year since the beginning of this project!

Till next week,

The Wild Ones

Art of Word - Pixel -

Happy Sunday everyone!

Can you believe this gorgeous weather? Will we jinx it if we say it's almost spring? Whatever the cause we are not complaining! We hope everyone is out and about enjoying the weather and the long weekend, Happy Family day to everyone in Ontario!

Here's this week's Art of Word based on "Pixel". We hope you enjoy!

Till next time,

The Wild Ones

Haus Wild presents - Yann Fernandez Archambault -


Hey everyone, happy Thursday, only one more day till the weekend and we can't wait!

In the meantime, check out some portraits we took of actor Yann Fernandez Archambault during the fall in beautiful High Park here in Toronto, doesn't he look dapper? 

Take a look at more fun stuff over at our Photography Page!